Mt. Hope Visit (guest project)

  First off, we want to thank our friends over at the Youth arm of the Sai Organization for hosting this project and giving us the opportunity to join in. Their mission in a nutshell was to bring joy and positivity to the Mt. Hope Paediatrics Ward.   The Issue   What they’ve found is … Continue reading

KONY 2012: I Shared It Too…

  It’s been a couple weeks now since the launch of the KONY 2012 campaign and we all should by now know the story of how it went on to spread across the world and gather millions of supporters. A lot of us would also know of the criticisms that have been levied against both … Continue reading

Our 2nd Blood Drive

Blood Drive the sequel And this time we were down in south – Pres Sando to be exact. So how did we get here? Let’s recap. Back in September of last year, it was brought to our attention that Trinidad & Tobago (for whatever reason) has a serious shortage of blood. Estimates put it at … Continue reading

Blood Drive (After)

Now before we get into any of the details of the drive, we first off just want to say thank you. – To all our sponsors, thank you. – To all those who helped get us on the airwaves, thank you. To our friends in Trincity who got us that awesome radio ad, thank you. … Continue reading

Dr. Frederick – Importance of Giving Blood

Dr. Frederick – Importance of Giving Blood At health care institutions across Trinidad and Tobago, the unreliability of the supply of blood and blood products has very often had a negative impact on the ability of health care workers to adequately treat their seriously ill and seriously injured patients. Indeed, we have operated under this … Continue reading

Terrence – First time blood donor

Terrence – First time blood donor – For those who are terrified of giving blood The idea of my blood leaving my body makes my hands cold sweat, and every inch of my body weak – thinking, speaking, seeing blood to me,  is like what Kryptonite is to Superman! I always declined and made numerous … Continue reading

Capil’s helps furnish the Angels on Earth Foundation

Share Goodness would like to sincerely thank Capil’s & Company Limited for generously “sharing things” with the Angels on Earth Foundation, children’s home. Their immediate response to the needs of the home was exemplary and one of the quickest we’ve ever seen. The mere mention of the needs of the home was replied with an … Continue reading

Music Band for the Angels on Earth Foundation

Share Goodness would like to give a big shout out to Brandon, AC and JC for using their Saturdays over the past few months to “share time and talent” to teach music to the children at the Angels on Earth Foundation! The Angels on Earth Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit, charitable organization, which was formed … Continue reading

Word’s spreading!

Today our guys went out promoting. Little did they know they’d be the ones being promoted to! They met up with the booth attendants at the Parkade (Edward Street, POS) who had not only heard of Share Goodness, but were helping collect stuff for the MEDS drive. They were kind enough to show us the … Continue reading

M.E.D.S. Charity Drive

  We’re helping out the people over at MEDS (an undergrad society based in Mt. Hope).   For Indian Arrival Day this year, they did a small-scale charity drive where they collected items from classmates and executive members to help a family that they knew needed it. When they got there they realised there were … Continue reading

UPDATE: Selection of Perfection – ‘Lessons’ with a Difference

  Earlier this week we received an email from an interesting guy. He had some pretty cool ideas so we hitched our team together and set up a meet with him. We knew he had a day job and that he gave lessons on the side. We were clearly mistaken. First up, let’s straighten that … Continue reading